Front pages reviewed at midnight: Tuesday 10 May April 2011

Sorry for the long gap. Work commitments have taken over sadly so this blog will only be sporadic from now on. Today’s front pages: Guardian leads with a fascinating education story, Telegraph calls on Cameron to respect family values while The Times and The Independent report on the superinjunctions fiasco.

The Guardian – “Extra places at university for rich students”

An incredible scoop for The Guardian, who have found out the details of plans for students from the wealthiest backgrounds to pay the same fees as international students so as, according to the Govt, to improve social mobility. Under the plans these students will not be able to get loans from the state, inevitably leading to the accusation that rich but dumb kids will buy their way into the top courses. An incredible story and it appears to be confirmed by David Willetts lower down in the article.

The Telegraph – Cameron ‘has broken pledge to support family values’

Iain Duncan Smith’s think tank the Centre for Social Justice is having a go at Cameron tonight accusing him of failing to support marriage and of unfairly punishing middle-class families.

The Times: Judges humiliated by one little tweet

The Times leads with the fiasco regarding @injunctionsuper, the Twitter account that has leaked the names of the individuals allegedly taking out superinjunctions. The article comes dangerously close to confirming the allegations made on Twitter, with the word allegedly every other word to cover its back. Then it goes on to talk about the wider issue of superinjunctions in an internet age. I just wonder who is responsible for that Twitter account. It couldn’t be a media insider could it? Will be interesting to see.

The Independent – A legal crisis in 140 characters

The Independent also reports on superinjunctions, a day after other papers splashed with it.


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