Cynical Journalist is a blog run by Joe Dyke, a freelance journalist who has worked for The Independent, the Evening Standard, politicshome.com,, Total Politics magazine and a variety of local and regional newspapers.

He is interested in foreign news, British politics and other things that make him sound less sad.

Any feedback on the site is appreciated. Find me on Twitter @joedyke or email me at joseph (dot) dyke (at) gmail (dot) com

One response to “About

  1. The content of the daily reviews is good, clearly written, succinct and perceptive. I find the style a little irritating, too much reference to ” my view” and “I”, when there is no need for this. Whose else view would it be on the blog? This may be normal for such blogs but it is likely to be off-putting for new readers.
    The declared purpose of the blog is to identify how the newspaper industry can survive in the multiple-media world. I’ve not seen much about this, in admittedly a limited number of looks at the site. It would be interesting to see more comment on the way in which newspapers of different political perspectives reflect them in their handling of their subjects. So, the comment on the Guardian’s focus on its public sector readership is interesting. So too would be some discussion of the fact that the Daily Telegraph gets more defence stories than other papers.
    This sort of analysis is relatively obvious and can be superficial, but it addresses the declared purpose of the blog, in looking at the future role of newspapers, and the extra value which they can offer. It is, in my view (!) of more value than a discussion of the Independent’s new willingness to accept advertisements.
    The title of the blog may also put off some readers. To be frank, it is too studenty for non-students and does not do justice to the mature and balanced analysis which most of the reviews reflect. Would it be possible to change it?
    I hope that these comments are helpful. The blog is good but it could be a lot better. I shall look at it again.
    Best wishes, Neil

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