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Tomorrow’s front pages reviewed first: Thursday 10 November 2010

No prizes for guessing what story dominates almost all the papers the tonight, with the violence at the student demonstration being the top story. In this case I thought it might be interesting to look at just the opening line of the stories to analyse how language can be used subtly to portray different meanings. Continue reading

Tomorrow’s front pages review: 15 October 2010

It is obviously a relatively quiet day on Fleet Street with the papers falling back on their traditional strongholds.

The Guardian has a story about a man dying whilst being deported to Angola on Tuesday. If you look carefully it is fairly typical in its format as a Guardian article. The testimony of one, supposedly independent, citizen is pitted against the a number of dull and lifeless quotes from various figures in the state. Only one source, a 58-year old oil engineer, is used and so the article is a little weak on force but is interesting none-the-less.

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