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Obama gets personal: President claims credit after killing of Bin Laden

When he was running for President what so many people liked about Barack Obama was his willingness to pass praise on to others. When he would be hailed as a great orator he would go to great lengths to stress that he was the voice of a movement. When asked about his popularity he would point out that he was nothing without the grass roots.

Not any more. Today the President claimed personal credit for the killing of Osama Bin Laden.

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The EU, the SNP and student fees – why is the Mail not having a field day?

Guest Blog by Alex Rowley
Reaction to the tuition fees debate has been in the papers a lot recently. The UK government voted in favour of raising the fees to a minimum of £6,000 and maximum of £9,000 in exceptional cases. In Wales it was confirmed that these rises would not be taking place, in Scotland it is under review but still free and Northern Ireland may follow the Welsh lead of keeping fees the same for those resident there.

The EU has not been in the news recently but to jog your memory, institutions must charge EU students the same as local students. So while those from Gretna are charged the same as those from Guttenberg for attending the University of Aberdeen, those from Berwick-upon-Tweed are not.

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Labour shadow minister can’t tell the difference between the Milibands

In an interview today the Labour energy shadow minister Meg Hillier admitted that she finds it difficult to tell the difference between the Miliband brothers.

Hillier, an arch Blairite and supporter of David Miliband in the leadership election campaign, was asked by my colleague Steve Anderson what it was like working under the brother she didn’t support and she admitted she can’t really tell the difference.

“To be perfectly honest they do look alike and sound a bit alike. So when you are sitting there you don’t think gosh this is someone so different, because in some ways their mannerisms are similar,” she said.

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